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The Walk

The nation is split over the Christ-like figure of the young Ethiopian, Mujtabaa, as he makes the pilgrimage from Heathrow to Trafalgar Square, but the stunt hits the headlines, captures the public imagination and the money for African famine relief floods in.

The Walk is a provocative novel that asks difficult questions about the morality of the charity business. How far can you go to prick the public conscience? Does the end of relieving famine justify any means? To what extent is Western affluence responsible for Majority World impoverishment? And can you save yourself by saving others?

‘…a gripping story of family relationships that we all know so well, particularly of diminishing communication between father and daughter.’

‘The suspense and tension build gradually but strongly through to the heart-breaking climax.’

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I Hate Martin Amis Et Al

I Hate Martin Amis Et Al won the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for an Unpublished Manuscript by an Emerging Writer.

‘Dark and troubling, distressingly funny. It is one of the best debut novels I’ve read. Peter Barry is a massive talent. Exciting, original and dangerous. I Hate Martin Amis Et Al is a devastating tour de force and a brilliant first novel.’
Wayne Macauley.
Author of Simpson Returns and Blueprints for a Barbed Wire Canoe.

‘Barry writes with such awe-inspiring authority... this is intelligent, provocative entertainment at its best.’
Erotic Review Magazine (UK).

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We All Fall Down

We All Fall Down was selected as one of the ‘50 Get Reading books of 2012’, an Australian Federal Government initiative.

‘A novel that speaks to the heart of our culture, and a gripping account of one man’s fight for his soul. Both honest and compassionate, it turns an unflinching gaze on the world in which we try to find meaning, at work and in love.’
Michael McGirr.
Author of Books that saved my life: reading for wisdom, solace and pleasure.

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Despite being locked up in an insane asylum, Alan Crosthwaite is convinced that the true psychopaths are all on the outside – Trump, Xi, Putin, Bolsanaro, his own ‘Prime Moron’, and the rest. Only the clinically insane could possibly, and so comprehensively, deny or ignore the devastation being done to the environment and flora and fauna of our only home.

‘A really interesting take on what constitutes insanity. Is it climate activists who are insane, or the politicians who deny there’s a problem? The author has no doubts.’
( M.B.)

‘A passionate warning about climate change.’
( R.K.)

‘It's heartbreaking really what we have done to this world. (Insanity) was like a punch in the stomach. It really does make you stop and think.’
( J.G.)

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